RVR Horse Rescue Receives DeBartolo Family Foundation Grant!

 RVR Horse Rescue is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $3,000 grant from the DeBartolo Family Foundation! The funds will support RVR's medical budget as well as provide gelding vouchers for RVR's 'Let's Go Nuts' campaign.

RVR Horse Rescue Receives Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Accreditation


ASAR Basic & Technical Large Animal Rescue Operations

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published technical rescue guidelines for proper field operations to help animals in emergencies. In addition, USDA supported an Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) best-practice workgroup to establish basic training and credentialing for ASAR responders. No longer is “winging it” acceptable when conducting technical rescue field operations to rescue an animal. ASARtraining.com offers a customizable variety of technical animal training disciplines.


Feb 3rd-5th, 2017

$10K grant goes hand in hand with mentorship program

Riverview, FL—RVR Horse Rescue announced today that it has received a $10,000 grant from the ASPCA’s Equine Fund. The grant will be used to complete capital improvements to fencing and stalls, and for further administrative training and development.

Voices Against Horse Slaughter

Please stand up against horse slaughter!

Help us fight against horse slaughter. Check out our "Voices" page, and submit yours!

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"A Healing Haven: Saving Horses and Humans at RVR Horse Rescue" (Lemons to Lemonade) (Volume 2)



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Our Annual 'Help a Horse Day' Fundraiser!

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Community support needed for chance to win up to $25,000 ASPCA grant to help save more horses


RVR Horse Rescue will be celebrating the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) national Help A Horse Day on April 22, 2017 and competing for a chance to win up to $25,000 in grant prizes to assist with their efforts to protect horses. To celebrate the day, RVR will be open to the public and festivities will include family fun and education.

From 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., the 40-acre facility in Riverview will bustle with music, food, and fun for the whole family. Children’s activities will include carnival games, pony rides, and petting miniature horses. Facility tours will introduce the guests to the current rescue horses and those available for adoption. Presentations on various topics will take place throughout the event. Delightful raffle, vendor, and tack items will be available, along with RVR logo merchandise and their adult and children’s books. The event location is 12611 Hayes Clan Road, Riverview, FL, 33579.

“RVR is an all-volunteer organization, known for taking on the worst cases of abuse and neglect,” said Shawn Jayroe, Founder of RVR Horse Rescue. “Help A Horse Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to welcome local residents and businesses to help spread awareness about at-risk horses who are in need of loving homes. We hope our supporters will come out on April 22nd to help us win a $25,000 grant so we can continue saving these majestic, loving animals for years to come.”

In lieu of attending the event, Help A Horse Day tax deductible contributions may be made via the donation button on the RVRHorseRescue.org website. In addition, donations may be made to the current “Let’s Go Nuts” initiative that promotes and funds the gelding of stallions to curb overpopulation that leads to equine abuse and neglect.

For more information about RVR Horse Rescue, visit www.rvrhorserescue.org.

Click HERE to help.... note HAHD in the special purpose section.

Let's Go Nuts Campaign

RVR's “Let’s Go Nuts” campaign provides gelding/castration vouchers and clinics in order to reduce the number of unwanted horses. 

Over breeding puts horses at risk of being homeless or sent to slaughter. Poor breeding practices can also lead to birth defects and lifelong health complications.

Following the lead of small animal spay and neuter campaigns, RVR will provide vouchers for horse owners to geld stallions through participating veterinarians, and will also host gelding clinics at the rescue. Responsible horse ownership includes gelding stallions to reduce reproduction, and RVR is making that happen.

To contribute to the Let's Go Nuts campaign, click the Donate button below. Add Let's Go Nuts into the field for the special purpose of your donation.

Thank you for helping us stem the tide of overbreeding.

Let's Go Nuts

Frequently Asked Questions

RVR is doing the work that most people don't want to. By taking horses who are abused and starved they are giving them a second chance at life. These animals deserve better than they got at man's hands and RVR has given them that chance. It is assisted by volunteers who care about their survival. I pray that there will come a day when the horses no longer need a rescue to help them, but until then RVR is the best at what it does. Keep up the good work.


Great Nonprofits Review

I have watched for the past few years RVR growing and becoming one of the most beautiful pieces of heaven on earth - The love and dedication to the animals is a magical thing to witness . I have seen the deep human concern for making these saddened - and sometimes extremely sick creatures whole again - and eventually matching them -with great thought behind- by the owner Shawn Jayroe - to a human that they can trust again . The whole process is incredible ! So much energy and focus and the possibilities are proven every time I visit . Help a Horse day this year was organized to help raise much needed funds and understating of the mission this group of volunteers are on . I have a deep respect for Shawn and her team of horse angels and I wish RVR all the best and can't wait to visit again

Teresa J.

Great Nonprofits Review

I had the opportunity to attend the Help a Horse event. I was amazed at all that is done for the horses and the excellent condition of the facility. Very clean. The stories of the horses brought tears to my eyes - sad to see the condition they were in when brought to the facility and extatic to see the care and improvement of their overall health. The volunteers and facility truly care about the horses and give their time freely to provide care to these amazing animals.


Great Nonprofits Review

RVR horse rescue is an amazing place,these people pour their heart and soul not to mention time and commitment to helping the horse that people have abused, neglect Ted and starved, they spend countless hours trying to save them. I have seen first hand what they do. They are fighters and the voices for the horses that can't fight or speak for themselves. I wish the world had more people fighting for the rights of animals like Shawn and her crew at RVR.


Great Nonprofits Review

I am from Michigan and have been a financial supporter of RVR, for over three years. After much research on the internet, I discovered the horror's of the Florida illegal slaughter farms and the 
problems that Florida has with the starvation of many of it's horses in this state. After finding RVR, 
on my next trip to Florida I visited the rescue. I was amazed of the compassion of the volunteer's, 
and all the people associated with the rescue. I come visit every time I come to Florida and do what 
I can to help. I was going to return the second day, I visited the first time, but a horse was dying and I just couldn't take it. Right, then and there I decided I didn't want to open my own rescue, I am just too emotional. I will do what I do best, I write checks! The people that work at the rescue are not 
just volunteer's they are saints. I will continue to support RVR into the future and beyond. 


Great Nonprofits Review

I placed a retired racehorse last year with RVR and it was a great experience. Though Frenchie had been with me for three years and had become a member of our race family, I knew since I did not own a farm, it was time to find greener pastures for him. RVR not only accepted him, but came to get him, and placed him with a great guy who I have been in touch with from the onset. Pictures are posted on a regular basis and I know he has found his forever home. Having been in the horse racing industry for years, I have dealt with many, so called, rescue organizations which are strictly about making a buck. RVR has the horses' best interest in mind.....period. Which is the ultimate goal.

Rory B.

Great Nonprofits Review

Romeo again

About Us

RVR Horse Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization in Riverview Florida. Here at RVR Horse Rescue our mission is to intervene on behalf of mistreated horses. We rescue, rehabilitate and provide a safe place for neglected, abused, and abandoned horses. Most have been passed from owner to owner, never knowing love or consistency.

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RVR Horse Rescue 12611 Hayes Clan Rd. Riverview, FL 33579 813-280-9299 contact@rvrhorserescue.org