Words and Whinnies: Welcome to RVR

Here at RVR, we use the word "rescue" a lot. It seems an obvious choice - after all, our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and neglected horses. But the word encompasses an entirely more complex phenomenon: one that transcends all species, cuts across all backgrounds and bonds us all together.

Step foot onto our property and you will immediately feel the magic that RVR holds for horses and humans alike. Unconditional love for these beautiful horses is what drives us. Each one has their own unique personality: from spunky or sweet, to quiet or sassy, we get to know and adore each and every one for exactly who they are.

And those of us who get into rescuing horses do so for this reason - but we often discover even greater rewards than we ever anticipated. Seeing our rescues thrive is reason enough to put our hard work, time and energy into every day, but we've come to discover that each and every horse touches our hearts and spirits in a deep and lasting way.

This blog is dedicated to telling this everlasting story of love, hope and recovery that weaves itself in and out of our day-to-day activities. We hope you enjoy reading our future posts!

Until next time,

The horses and humans of RVR Horse Rescue