New Rescues

These past weeks RVR has been blessed with 3 beautiful horse friends! One of these cute fellas goes by the name of Charlie and he is quite the sweet spirit. Although this amicable gelding was not in good condition when he arrived. He was severely emaciated and had a tremendous injury on his private area. Along with that you could clearly see his ribs through his matted brown fur. He is currently receiving care per veterinarian instructions and is on his road to recovery. On March 2nd RVR received Hollywood and he is definitely a stud. This speckled gray, white and black OOTB is sure to steal your heart. He came in with a suspensory injury and will be in rehabilitation for a while. Along with Hollywood came his friend Ashley a stunning dark bay retired race horse. This young beauty is only 5 years old and is in fairly good condition. RVR was asked to take her in to find her a loving home with her forever family. Any prayers will be greatly appreciated and we are excited to see our new rescues grow and blossom!