Exciting “first” at RVR Horse Rescue – a BABY!

Angel and Baby

In the world of horse rescue, there are a handful of us warriors who network together to save defenseless equines in need of help. In the case of three horses named Angel, Halo, and Crosby, a call for help came to us via Louisiana in August 2015. Good Samaritans had rescued the trio from a “kill lot”, which is a staging area for horses shipping to slaughter. Their lives were slated to end once they arrived in Mexico.

Except they never made it to Mexico, because the Good Samaritans snagged them first. After securing their rescue, the next step was finding a place to take them, which is what led the Good Samaritans to us. In a great act of altruism, the horses were transported many hours to their new home at RVR Horse Rescue.

Angel upon her arrival at RVR - with her slaughter ID tag

Angel upon her arrival at RVR - with her slaughter ID tag

Battered and bruised upon her arrival, the fourteen-year-old sorrel mare, named Angel, was also pregnant. We anticipated that we would see her foal in six to eight weeks. The baby news delighted us all and we anxiously awaited the arrival. Even after more than ten years in the horse rescue world, RVR had never had a birth on site.

As Christmas neared, Angel’s belly continued to grow, but there was no sign of a delivery. Maybe we would have a New Year’s baby? Nope. Spring came and there was STILL no baby, but now we were starting to see wiggling in Angel’s belly. We knew the time was getting close. In the wee hours of May 5th, we were finally awarded with a monumental first – the birth of Angel’s beautiful, healthy, baby boy.

We were thrilled to broadcast our first-ever birth ‘live’ on Facebook as Angel delivered her adorable paint colt, to the delight of our Facebook followers. In only twenty short minutes, the one life we had saved from slaughter had turned into two.

The new mama stepped into her parental role beautifully and the world has been eating up any updates of the baby, as he finds his way through his first days of life.

Angel and Baby laying down

Angel and Baby laying down

At RVR Horse Rescue, we see miracles happen every day. Now we can add the miracle of new life to our ever-growing list. Watch the video below of our new baby entering the world.

Click here to see Video of First RVR Birth! (Caution! Graphic!)

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for regular updates.



Article by ShirleyAlarie@gmail.com, Author of “A Healing Haven- Saving Horses and Humans at RVR Horse Rescue” and “A New Home for Dominick