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Hollywood You Make Me Smile

Even non-equestrians are familiar with the world of horse racing. The coveted Triple Crown. Churchill Downs. Kentucky Derby. These are terms we all know.

There is no denying the majestic beauty as the perfectly honed horses thunder around the course, vying for the lead.

However, when the horse is no longer able to compete, either due to injury or age, or just lackluster performance, he loses his value at the track and needs to be rehomed. But how?

Thanks to the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, funding is made available to approved aftercare organizations, to retire, retrain, and rehome thoroughbreds using industry-wide funding. The TAA is supported by owners, trainers, breeders, racetracks, aftercare professionals and other industry groups (as described on their website). RVR Horse Rescue has applied for inclusion in the TAA program.

RVR has had a longstanding professional tie to our local racetrack. Because of this relationship, we are notified when an injured horse needs a home, allowing us to step in and do the work we do best. Thoroughbreds seem to be the fan-favorites among our supporters and each one is welcomed to RVR with open arms.

Stunning Hollywood is one of our recent examples. The poor boy suffered suspensory injuries, ending his racing career, but otherwise, he’s a beautiful, muscular specimen. Based on his looks alone, many potential owners would love to adopt him, but only after he is fully healed.


Hollywood is under the care of our top-notch medical team. During his first days, he was confined to his stall, which is the human equivalent of bed rest. His small turn-out area outside his stall will allow him more freedom as his recovery progresses and finally he will join the herd in the larger pasture.

Someday in the coming months he will join his forever family, since he was recently Sponsored to Adopt!

In the meantime, our big fellow is quite the ham. His signature head swag and toothy grin delight our volunteers and his many Facebook followers.

Check out the silly boy in the following videos.

Video of Hollywood Head Swag - by Karen Pack

Video of Hollywood enjoying his birthday treat - by Jen Kraemer

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Article by Shirley Alarie, Author of “A Healing Haven- Saving Horses and Humans at RVR Horse Rescue” and “A New Home for Dominick”. Coming Soon - "A New Family for Dominick"

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