I can change the world, one hoof-print at a time.


My Role at RVR

As Jr. Ambassador of RVR Horse Rescue I have an important role to play. It is my goal to help bring awareness to horses in need as well as to help educate the public. I will attend fundraisers, public outings, and educational events throughout the year. Be sure to follow our C.L.E.A.R. Facebook page to see me on all my adventures. 

My Story

While doing a pre-adoption property inspection my baby and I were observed on a neighboring property. It was obvious to RVR's team that I was in need of medical intervention and that my baby (as a dwarf) would require extra special care.

When RVR's team questioned about us they learned that, our owner's spouse has some major health issues and is unable to properly care for us while her husband works out of state for long periods of time. The husband had tried to find us a safe home with several neighbors but was not successful. One of the neighbors contacted the owner and shared our concerns and desire to help these two. The owner was grateful for RVR's intervention and decided we should go live with the amazing people at RVR Horse Rescue so we can become ambassadors to help spread the world of proper care for horses!