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RVR Horse Rescue Earns ASPCA Grant

RVR Horse Rescue is one of only twelve grant recipients! Riverview, Florida— The ASPCA has awarded RVR Horse Rescue a $10,000 grant to help eliminate a significant obstacle in their their rescue efforts. “Our lifesaving work has been hampered by the lack of a reliable truck,” said RVR Horse Rescue Spokesperson, Kelly Ford. “The ASPCA…

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Into the Arms of Love

Let’s face it, the average family looking to adopt a horse (or any animal) doesn’t have the financial means, medical know-how, or time to rehabilitate an injured one. There are many other healthy choices that don’t come with the extra baggage. Sadly, injured thoroughbreds are no longer useful to their owners, once they can no…

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Warrior Lives On

Tweet One of the most trying cases we’ve faced at RVR Horse Rescue was of tiny Warrior, one of four mini’s rescued in 2012. Warrior was starved by his owner, as we’ve unfortunately seen before, but his story went public and resulted in serious political backlash for RVR. The case dumped an enormous amount of…

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