A New Friend for Gilbert

A New Friend for Gilbert. True story about RVR Horse Rescue's real-life Gilbert and Boots.

We’re very pleased to announce the expansion of our children’s outreach program to include a picture book about our special mini horses, Gilbert and Boots. A New Friend for Gilbert is now available as softcover and ebook on Amazon.com, along with free coloring pages. The book is based on the true story of how our little…

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How to evaluate a rescue organization

Is a rescue organization worthy of your donation dollars? Where should you adopt your next family member from? Use these tips to evaluate or assess any rescue organization.

Thankfully, as a society, we’re becoming less tolerant of animal abuse and better animal advocates. As such, animal rescue organizations have become popular places for financial donors. And the “Adopt Don’t Shop!” movement has led to more adoptions from rescue organizations. But not all animal rescue organizations are created equally. Just because people call themselves…

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Help A Horse Day – Save Our Seniors

The convenience of our disposable generation has come at a steep cost. Is anything but ‘shiny and new’ valued anymore? Senior animals are often overlooked by potential adoptive families and it’s sad to say, but when horses are no longer useful, they’re often thrown away. Too many old and broken ones are listed on craigslist…

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Save Our Seniors

SOS - Save Our Seniors program

Innovative “Save Our Seniors” Program The Challenge: While adoption is our goal for every horse, special needs and senior horses have been the most difficult to place. Medical issues or age make them less attractive to potential adopters who want a horse that can be ridden. The need to find homes for these horses in…

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Responsible Pet Owners Month

With February as Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, it’s a perfect opportunity to salute responsible pet owners. Most of us remember the euphoria of getting our first pet and the thrill of every pet thereafter. At RVR Horse Rescue, our success is dependent on finding loving adoptive homes for our rehabilitated horses. Every adoptive family allows…

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Humane Lobby Day 2018

It’s easy to scroll past social media posts and ignore news broadcasts about animal abuse and neglect. This brutal reality is hard to see and easy to ignore. But we humans are the only voice these animals have and it’s actually easy to step up to make a difference. Humane Lobby Day Humane Lobby Day…

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