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RVR GIVING TUESDAY 2016 – 11/29/16

This year, RVR is participating in Giving Tuesday, an annual movement focused on charitable giving.

Let’s Go Nuts

RVR is launching a fund called “Let’s Go Nuts”, which will provide gelding/castration vouchers and clinics in order to reduce the number of unwanted horses. 

Over breeding puts horses at risk of being homeless or sent to slaughter. Poor breeding practices can also lead to birth defects and lifelong health complications. Following the lead of small animal spay and neuter campaigns, RVR will provide vouchers for horse owners to geld stallions through participating veterinarians, and will also host gelding clinics at the rescue. Responsible horse ownership includes gelding stallions to reduce reproduction, and RVR wants to help make that happen.

Followers of RVR Horse Rescue have seen many examples of RVR taking in horses barely alive due to neglect and abuse. While proud of our ability to bring these horses back to health, RVR wishes there weren’t so many horses in such dire need. 

Moon and Gilbert

Followers may also have seen pictures of two horses whose health has been adversely affected by poor breeding: Moon and Gilbert.

Moon suffers from a cleft palate that was left untreated. He came to RVR severely underweight and malnourished. RVR hopes to surgically repair the palate once he has gained enough weight. Left untreated, Moon’s prognosis would not be very good.


Gilbert is also affected by irresponsible breeding. His small size is adorable, but the cuteness comes at a high price. Gilbert suffers bone deformities and variations in growth rates in his legs. This has made walking very painful for him.

RVR is attempting to remedy his pain by specialized farrier care, but Gilbert possibly faces major surgery on his legs. His lifespan will most likely be shortened by his health challenges. Gilbert’s birth also shortened his mother’s life as she was really too old and fragile to have been bred.

Gilbert and Kelly

Please consider supporting RVR’s “Let’s Go Nuts” Gelding campaign on Giving Tuesday.

Click the Donate Here button to get started. Note "Giving Tuesday" in the comment box at the bottom of the donation page to describe the purpose for your donation. Thank you!