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Our largest rescue yet!

At RVR Horse Rescue, our mission is to save and rehabilitate as many horses in need as we can.

Generally we rescue one or two at a time, but every once in a while we are called upon to help more.

We were recently alerted to an owner-surrender of eight horses, all in various stages of poor health. The sickest ones showed their starvation with defined ribs and protruding hips.

When we’re faced with a challenge, even one as daunting as this one, we take it on. Our league of incredible volunteers step up to help during every rescue, and this one was no exception.

A trailer was en route to pick up the horses within hours of our notification. The two hour trip in the grueling Florida heat would be difficult, but would bring our new babies to safety and love within our healing haven.

When the trailer full of horses ran into a problem, a replacement truck was sent within a few minutes of the S.O.S.

Meanwhile, a busy group of volunteers began reorganizing the existing herds to make room for the newbies. New fencing and make-shift stalls with covers were erected, and current rescues were jockeyed into various pastures to free up space.

More volunteers were on hand to meet the arrival of the group to help them get settled into their new home. Our vet and farrier performed an initial examination of each horse and took care of any pressing hoof concerns.

Click here to see a video of the arrival of the Great 8!

All of these activities take place quietly in the background. What the world sees is the graceful duck gliding across the water, not his legs and feet pumping feverishly underneath, out of sight.

This is what we do. We pump feverishly below the surface to help every animal we can.

Click here to see the wonderful footage from Tampa’s Fox 13 Ken Suarez!

How you can help…

We have incredible muscle to get the job done, but none of it is possible without the help of financial donors. Every penny donated goes directly to the care of our rescues and gives them a new chance at a good life.

Our Great 8 Challenge fundraiser allows supporters near and far to become part of our team by challenging 8 friends to share our story and donate to the care of our rescues.

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Click here to check out the details of our Great 8!

Donations for the Great 8 can be made at: Help the Great 8 and general donations can be made at:

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