RVR Horse Rescue wins another Grant from the ASPCA

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$10K grant goes hand in hand with mentorship program

Riverview, FL—RVR Horse Rescue announced today that it has received a $10,000 grant from the ASPCA’s Equine Fund. The grant will be used to complete capital improvements to fencing and stalls, and for further administrative training and development. “RVR has experienced great growth in the past few years,” said Shawn Jayroe, RVR founder and President. “These grant funds from the ASPCA will help RVR maintain our facility standards and grow our administrative capabilities. We will replace deteriorating sections of fencing, build more feeding stalls and obtain shelter oriented software for management of rescue data.”

“The ASPCA is pleased to award this grant to RVR Horse Rescue to help cover the costs associated with making capital improvements and we thank them for their commitment to animal welfare,” said Stacy Segal, director of Equine Initiatives for the ASPCA. “RVR is a vital resource to its community and the ASPCA is proud to invest in it’s future. We’re excited to lend support to RVR as it grows through new programs, capital improvements, and professional development.”

The $10,000 grant comes as part of a mentorship program of the ASPCA. Rescues showing great promise are chosen to participate in a yearlong partnership with a representative from the Equine Fund. The objective of the mentorship program is to assist rescues in managing growth, reaching rescue goals, and expanding their impact on the animal community. The ASPCA will be working with RVR to obtain accreditation from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, an organization that “promotes and validates excellence in animal sanctuary management.”

About RVR Horse Rescue:
RVR was founded in 2004 by Shawn Jayroe. It received 501c3 status in 2011. RVR specializes in taking in the worst cases of abuse and neglect. Over 180 horses have come through RVR’s gates suffering from starvation and physical wounds of abuse. At RVR they are rehabilitated and re-homed with loving families. Horses whose age and health status make them less adoptable remain at RVR in the loving care of rescue volunteers. Horses that arrive at RVR too late to be saved or who are terminally ill are comforted by the volunteers during their remaining time. RVR is an entirely volunteer run organization.

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