Sponsor A Horse

We can’t do what we do without Sponsors!

With the high cost of hay and feed, along with medical, dental and farrier expenses, sponsoring a horse helps us continue to care for our horses in need. It costs about $10 per day to feed a horse and RVR Horse Rescue is home to approximately 27 animals.

There are many people who contribute to the recovery and care of our horses. Each has a distinct and critical role.

Our dedicated volunteers provide daily food and water. They muck the stalls and pastures while providing a dose of TLC. Beyond that, each horse is assigned a Barn Buddy. This person devotes a few hours each week to the physical care of the horses. They bathe and groom and provide basic care.

What does it mean to Sponsor a Horse?

Sponsorship makes it financially possible for RVR to provide for these horses and keep them safe. Our sponsors make a monthly contribution to the care of a specific horse. These donations go directly toward the expenses for that particular animal. Sponsorships put a dent in the care and feed costs for each horse, and one of our goals is to secure a sponsor for each horse we care for at RVR Horse Rescue.

Sponsorship is one excellent way for people who can’t volunteer to get involved.

Why Sponsor a Horse?

  1. Make your heart feel good! Sponsorship is a vital contribution to our mission to rescue and rehabilitate horses. It allows people who want to help but are too far away or who are unable to volunteer a significant way to join our effort.
  2. Your sponsorship frees up funds to allow the rescue and rehabilitation of more horses who need help.
  3. The program is a month-to-month donation so you can stop at any time.
  4.  Your sponsorship is a tax-deductible donation.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

Sponsorship costs as much (or as little) as you’d like to pay each month! It’s a recurring payment, but you choose the amount that works for you.

The cost of food, hay, and basic care per horse is approximately $10 per day, or $300 per month. Dental care and any medical care are above and beyond that.

Our goal is to obtain sponsorships that total $300 per month for each horse in our care. Once we have reached sponsorships totaling $300 per month for a given horse, we stop accepting additional sponsorship for that horse.

How long is the commitment to Sponsor?

There is no commitment! You may cancel your sponsorship at any time. Simply click on the link in the email you receive in regards to your recurring donation. It will bring you to your account and you can change your payment options (or cancel) there. If you have any trouble, you can contact us through our Contact Us page.

Do you have questions about Sponsorship?

If you have any questions about Sponsorship or want to inquire about a particular horse, please send your question through our Contact Us page.

I’m Ready to Sponsor

If you’re interested in sponsoring a horse CLICK HERE to be directed to our donation page where you can sign up for your monthly contribution. If you’d like to sponsor a particular horse, include the horse’s name in the comment box.