Due to the fact that RVR Horse Rescue cannot take in all horses, we have designed this courtesy listing as a place to post horses looking for good homes. RVR does not guarantee the health, soundness, or temperament of the horses posted below. These horses have not been evaluated by a RVR Horse Rescue representative. RVR Horse Rescue is not responsible for the details listed with each horse, and it does not have knowledge of the horse owner’s credentials.

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  • Foaled: 1987
  • Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Color: Bay
  • HH:

This is Tuff. She is a registered quarter horse mare we have had her in our family since she was 7. Misplaced her papers long ago her registered name is My Lady's Shadow. She has always been in good health and is sound. She does not kick or bite. She is quite the high spirited old mare although at her age she is unable to bear the weight of a rider. I tried to get a leg up on her the other day and she acted uncomfortable so I did not sit on her back. She hasn't been ridden in a year and a half. She's always been a hard keeper and she is eating Purina senior with weight gain oil top dressing. She does best out on pasture with feed twice a day. I had her teeth floated about 3 months ago she has been regularly dewormed. I am looking to get her a retirement type home where she'll get cared for and loved on everyday. The property here in Zolfo Springs is not the best place for her, we have flooded almost every summer, some times we have to evacuate for a few weeks, and we do not have a barn. It's very hard on her at her age. That is why I have reached out to get help finding her the right new home. It's been a difficult decision to let her go after having her most of her life. Of course she needs a special new home with someone who can care for her and love her. Her most favorite thing in life is to get her tail scratched and her belly rubbed smile emoticon I will get her Coggins pulled when needed.
Contact: Lori at 813-997-1377. (Start March 2017)



  • Foaled: 1995
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Breed: Branded & Registered American Warmblood
  • Color: Blanket Appaloosa
  • HH: 16hh

This is MachoMan. MachoMan is an easy keeper who has always been barefoot. He doesn't do well with shots due to a severe injury he had as a six year old (you will notice a large "S" shaped scar on his left buttock. He's somewhat difficult to worm, takes two people. MachoMan is not bad about it, he just likes to stick his nose up in the air. He was initially trained basic dressage, did very well in the show ring but he has not been ridden for approximately 12 years. I would like for he and Cheewa to be placed in the same home as they are half brother and sister and have been together their entire lives. MachoMan has good ground manners and is good around children and dogs. He is in need of his teeth being floated but he's in good shape other than that.
Contact: Diane (Start March 2017)



  • Foaled: 1995
  • Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Warmblood
  • Color: Sorrel
  • HH: 15hh

This is Cheewa. Cheewa is an easy keeper who is barefoot and easy to work around. Cheewa is good for vaccines and worming but has only been ridden a few times many years ago. Cheewa is in need of her vaccines but other than that is healthy and looking for a new home with her 1/2 brother MachoMan
Contact: Diane (Start March 2017)



  • Foaled: estimated 1999
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Breed:
  • Color: Sorrel
  • HH:

This is Chili. Chili has been in the same home for 17 years but the owner is moving out of sate and unable to take him with her. Chili's ideal home will be with someone who is interested in riding as Chili is sound to ride. Chili would also be happiest in a home with other horses as he likes to have friends. (Start March 2017)
Contact: Jennifer Hinds