Horse Angels

Horse Angels Take Flight! RVR Horse Rescue Launches Feed and Hay Bank

RVR Horse Rescue is known for taking in the worst cases of abuse and neglect. Horses that come to us are on average a one or two on the Henneke scale. Their situations are truly life-or-death. But our dedication to the worst cases leaves us unable to help many, many more horses in need throughout our state. We are not alone in this. No rescue can take every horse. We all know the pain of having to say, “No.”

RVR has been informally providing assistance to horse owners and other rescues for several years, distributing hay, grain and even medical supplies. The time has come to expand this service. Establishing Horse Angels will increase RVR’s ability to help horses in need. We will be able to assist horse owners who are struggling to care for their horses. We will also be able to help other rescues during periods of low funds or an increase in horses they care for.

What are Horse Angels going to do?

Horse Angels will develop a system for struggling owners to apply for support through the feed bank.

Horse Angels will purchase a truck and trailer to haul hay and grain to support horses in need.

Horse Angels will collect hay and grain feed, and distribute it to approved horse owners or rescues.

How can you help?

  • Donate bags of feed or bales of hay to Horse Angels.
  • Help us raise funds for a truck.
  • Volunteer to assist in administrative duties of Horse Angels.
  • Help us raise awareness.