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Due to the fact that RVR Horse Rescue cannot take in all horses, we have designed this courtesy listing as a place to post horses looking for good homes. RVR does not guarantee the health, soundness, or temperament of the horses posted below. These horses have not been evaluated by an RVR Horse Rescue representative. RVR Horse Rescue is not responsible for the details listed with each horse, and it does not have knowledge of the horse owner’s credentials.

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My name is Angelia Austin. I have a horse in my care named C-5 aka C-Man. He is 17hh, TB, gelding, 23 yr ex-track (I’m Assuming (Tattooed)) and police horse. I was supposed to have him for a month and now I’ve had him a couple of months and unfortunately, he was ditched on me.
C has some dental work that I can’t afford. Also it breaks my heart because I can’t keep him. I can’t afford it and as a horsewoman It’s really hard to admit.
Ok, back to C-5. I do soak his grain so can eat it. Also he has old man arthritis but I have him on msm, ProForce Senior feed and T&A hay. Which is helping.  C-Man’s a big, snuggly, baby and wants to be in your pocket. He loves to be groomed, he loads, bath and sprays don’t bother him, hooves were trimmed 5weeks ago. He only gave a small kick because he’s arthritic but the farrier said he had nice hooves. He’s great on trails or walk trot or walk jog classes. He knows all leg commands, verbal. Please contact me and leave a message if I don’t answer. C-5 needs a forever home asap. I’m unable to keep him. Must be gone by the end of May.

Listing added 5/17/22.


Peggy is a 17-year-old Palomino around 17hh. She is broke but hasn’t been ridden in several years.  She will need an experienced horse person who can take the time to get her back in the saddle. She has outstanding ground manners. The ideal home would welcome Peggy along with her buddy, Junior. Contact: Randy Coleman Phone: (813) 363-4188

Listing added 4/20/22.


Junior is a 20-year-old mini cross gelding. His ideal home would have room for both him and his buddy, Peggy.

Contact: Randy Coleman Phone: (813) 363-4188

Listing added 4/20/22.