Large Animal Rescue

While RVR was founded to serve abused and neglected horses, we know that even well-loved horses can find themselves in emergency situations. This is where our rescue team comes in.

Large Animal Rescue for horse down

Emergency Response Team

Even well-loved horses can find themselves in emergency situations. Accidents or acute illnesses can occur, and any horse in our area can be impacted by tropical storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes. RVR has created is Large Animal Rescue (LAR) Team to respond to such emergencies.

LAR team members are volunteers who have special training in Large Animal Rescue Operations. This training has prepared them to extract large animals from a number of scenarios such as casting, trailer accidents, and mud. Further training in flood and swift water rescue skills enables them to rescue animals after events like hurricanes. LAR members train at RVR monthly to keep their skills sharp.

Emergency preparedness is costly

RVR has invested in equipment to support the LAR team. A large trailer has been repurposed for the LAR equipment, and RVR purchased rigging, straps, and slides. A jon boat was donated for water rescue. RVR’s LAR endeavors were generously supported by a 2020 grant from the ASPCA. This grant allowed RVR to purchase a rescue A-frame with Becker sling, a life sized, articulated training horse mannequin, a mud rescue kit, rigging, and a water rescue apparatus.

Jinx the rescue mannequin

Our Partners

RVR is fortunate to partner with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in training and response. Special Ops crews have joined RVR for training exercises, and RVR has provided training in horse handling skills for fire fighters. RVR has also partnered with FLSARC (now a part of SPCA Lakeland) to expand emergency sheltering training to include large animals. In the future, RVR hopes to host LAR training for first responders and emergency animal welfare volunteers.

Are you interested to join our LAR team? Contact Us!