At RVR Horse Rescue, we offer an opportunity for youth to come to our ranch to fulfill their necessary community service hours. Each group must be accompanied by at least one adult.

The youth work groups are assigned tasks based on our current needs. They may help clean and refill horse water buckets, drop hay, or muck stalls. Other projects help us maintain the property and barns at the ranch. We have previously used youth groups to help with brush removal of fallen trees, clean stalls in preparation for staining, and staining the stalls.

Due to the hazards involved in working directly with the horses, the youth are not directly involved with the horses, except during time specifically set aside for controlled interaction. We do our best to ensure someone is available to give the youth a positive experience with the horses after their hard work.

Every person who visits the ranch is required to complete and sign our Liability Form.


Please email Sandra to coordinate your date or ask any questions.